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The Insulation Industry is a commodity business where most insulation products are relatively similar and interchangable (unless specified by builder).  Buy Insulation has provided the listing below of the major manufacturers by category to help customers identify which products a manufacturer produces.  Buy Insulation does not sell products for all the manufacturers listed below, but the site does sell comparable products for any manufacturer you may be searching for.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Fiberglass Insulation Manufacturers

  • Owens Corning Fiberglass Insulation
    • Fiberglas SSL II Pipe Insulation
    • VaporWick Fiberglas Pipe Insulation
    • FlexWrap Fiberglas Pipe Insulation
    • PipeShield Fiberglas Pipe Insulation
    • Evolution Fiberglas Pipe Insulation
  • Johns Manville (JM) Fiberglass Insulation
    • Micro-Lok Fiberglass Pipe Insulation
    • Micro Lok HP Fiberglass Pipe Insulation
  • Knauf Fiberglass Insulation
    • Knauf 1000o Fiberglass Pipe Insulation
    • Knauf Earthwool 1000o Fiberglass Pipe Insulation
    • Redi-Clad Fiberglass Pipe Insulation
    • Knauf Ecose Fiberglass Pipe Insulation
  • Guardian Fiberglass Insulation

Mineral Wool Insulation Manufacturers

  • Roxul Mineral Wool
  • Industrial Insulation Group (IIG) Mineral Wool
  • Rock Wool Mineral Wool
  • Thermafiber Mineral Wool

Rubber Pipe Insulation

  • K-Flex LS Rubber Insulation
  • Armaflex (Armacell) Rubber Insulation
  • Nomako K-Flex Rubber Insulation
  • Rubatex Rubber Insulation

Calcium Silicate (Calsil) Insulation Manufacturers

  • Industrial Insulation Group (IIG) Calsil
  • Pabco Calcium Silicate Insulation
  • Sproule Calcium Silicate Insulation

Insulation Tape Manufacturers

  • Ideal Tape
  • Venture Tape
  • Compac Tape
  • Fasson Tape
  • Nashua Tape
  • PolyNash Tape

Safety Supplies Manufacturers

  • North Safety Products
  • 3M Safety Products
  • MSA Safety Products


PVC Fittings Manufacturers

  • Speedline PVC Fittings
  • Proto PVC Fittings
  • Zeston PVC Fittings

Fiberglass Duct Wrap Manufacturers

  • Owens Corning Duct Wrap
    • SoftR Fiberglas Duct Wrap
    • QuietR Fiberglas Duct Liner
  • Johns Manville Duct Wrap
    • Microlite XG Duct Wrap
  • Certainteed Duct Wrap
  • Knauf Friendly Feel Duct Wrap
    • Knauf Ecose Technology Duct Wrap

Fiberglass Board Insulation Manufacturers

  • Owens Corning Fiberglass Board
    • 700 Fiberglas Board
  • Johns Manville Fiberglass Board
    • Spin-Glas Fiberglass Board
  • Certainteed Fiberglass Board
  • Knauf Fiberglass Board
    • Knauf Ecose Fiberglass Board
  • Ottowa Fiber Fiberglass Board

Firestop Materials Manufacturers

  • STI Firestop Products
    • SpecSeal Firestop Products
    • Triple S Fire Sealant
    • LCI Fire Sealant
    • WF Fire Sealant
  • Hilti Firestop Products
    • CP 606 Fire Sealant
    • CP 136 Fire Blocker
    • FS One High Performance
  • Tremco Firestop Products
    • TremStop IA Sealant
    • TremStop Acrylic
    • Fyre-Caulk
  • 3M Firestop Products
    • 3M Fire Barrier
    • 3M Fire Dam
  • Boss Firestop Products
    • Boss 814 Fire Sealant

Pipe Covering Mastic Manufacturers

  • Childers Mastics
  • Fosters Mastics
  • Mon-Eco Mastics (MEI)
  • Skirges Epolux Mastics
  • Vimasco Mastics